Please don’t think we judge you.

Please don’t think we judge you.

As stylists we are highly trained to know more about your hair than you do, that’s a fact.  It doesn’t necessarily mean your personal tastes will agree of course, and that’s OK!  We are here to help you get the best look possible and we can’t do that without knowing all about you, not just your hair!  When you ask a stylists for their recommendations they will give you the most honest answer they can, but to get that answer we need to know certain things and we’re going to ask a lot of questions! We will ask you your styling routine in the mornings for day to day wear and the extra effort you put in when you go out!  This isn’t to judge you, it’s so we can choose the best cut for your abilities.  That will ensure you always look amazing!!

We will also ask you how often you colour your hair, and what products you have used.  Also not knowledge we need not to judge you, but to determine what we need so we can choose the right products or offer the appropriate services for your hair type, based on the previous services you’ve had prior.  Some products are Nice and Easy to get in, but are tough as Tar to get out

We will ask you what products you use at home, so we can decide if they will support your new colour or style appropriately.  We don't want you to spend money getting your hair just right and then lose it down the drain when you shampoo or use certain styling products at home.  When we recommend products it's not to upsell to you, but to protect the investment you just made in yourself.  We don't know what we don't know until we know it!  Professional products do make ALL the difference.  We will most likely describe what diversion is to you and how it can actually be harmful to your hair if you buy professional products at a non professional source.  (but that's a topic for another blog...perhaps a lazy sunday morning blog, where you have lots of time to spare reading the story of diversion)

You will notice we also may inquire about the tools you use.  Do you use a blow dryer?  Do you use a flat iron, Curling iron, rod or other nifty device?  We may even ask you what brand!  If we know the brand we will be able to determine the level of heat protection you will need in a product or the amount of extra conditioning you may require.

We will ask you how often you are comfortable with keeping up with maintenance.  Some hair cuts and colour placements require very regular visits, some give a little more leeway.

Let us know if you have allergies or sensitivities or plain ole just don’t like a scent we use!  You will find we will always be able to find the right combos for you to ensure colour longevity and styling ease

If we are talking to fast…we tend to do that…tell us to slow down, we can show you the ins and outs of every tool and product and can show you clearly how to best use them.  Do not be afraid to bring your own tools we would love to show you how to use them!

We want to be your hairdresser every day, not just for today.  Arm us with the truth about all you do and you will walk out loving your hair…we promise.

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