Summer Hair Care 101

Summer Hair Care 101

It’s here…what we’ve all been waiting for the heat and warmth and care free days of summer.

Lounging at the pool or beach, camping, sunrise, sunset, a cold beer or spicy Caesar, oh Summer how you’ve been missed.  Of course our hair might not feel the same as our brains do!  To keep them happy and healthy we need to change our regime a little bit from our spring hair care regime.  Different seasons require different needs and products, but summer most of all requires some extra care.

  1. Start the season with healthy hair, be sure to get a Trim and rid yourself of split ends before the heat sets in for the season. Split ends create more split ends as does heat and pony tails and the way we rush our hair in the summer.  Starting out with healthy ends is a good head start on not damaging those ends over the warmer months


  1. The summer air will be constantly sapping the moisture out of your hair, you will need to give your hair extra moisturizers to combat this. No matter your hair type there are conditioners to assist you without causing your hair to weigh down.  We know it’s a concern to clients especially with finer structured hair to not have their hair appear over conditioned.  We recommend Goldwell Kerasilk Repower conditioning Mousse for finer hair!  All the condition you need without the weight.


  1. To continue speaking of products we tend to want to let our hair go and be more natural looking in the summer, we call it “beach hair”, but just like you, we know what hair looks like when we just let it be natural. It tends to look more like a fuzzy ball of frizz, like Tina Turner from the 80s got electrocuted!  If you have finer hair letting it go natural tends to look like your hair is greasy.  Our favorite go to product for the natural look is KMS sea salt spray.  A little spray and some scrunching and you control the lion’s mane or pump the volume!  It’s an amazing multi-purpose summer must


  1. The biggest summer hair battle is always frizz! Oh Frizz, you make us look like burnt dandelion fluff.  Don’t you understand it summer and we want to work less on our hair not more?  There are ways to reduce frizz with minimal work.  Again, it comes down to product!  We’ve been going through KMS Tame Frizz, like its water!  Shampoo preps the hair, conditioner, reduces frizz and the smoothing cream locks the frizz out!


  1. Pool Tips! Aside from not running on deck and making sure you can tread water safely with a beer in your hand, we have some important tips for your hair!  Hair is most fragile when it is wet and will stretch up to half its length and return to normal as it dries.  Don’t pull or stretch your hair while it’s wet. Please don’t quickly wrap it up in a tight bun after getting out of the pool, as it dries and tries to shrink it will break! In addition, the longer hair is wet the more your hair colour will fade.  Faded colours in summer equals brassier blonds, orangier, reds, and blorange browns.  Hair can only absorb so much liquid, if you saturate it with non-chlorinated water or leave in conditioner prior to jumping in the pool it will absorb less of the pool water!  Best advice of course is to not dunk those locks!


Keeping your hair healthy in summer really relies on product usage and care.  We can recommend a personal regime for you to make your summer care free as possible.  Less time in front of the mirror and more time outside is our goal for you too!

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