Why I love what I do

Why I love what I do

Many times in my career people have asked me, why hair?

Like many others I floundered and struggled to figure out what my destiny held as a teenager and even young 20 something.  I went to college with the thought process of transferring to university and eventually law school.  I felt dead inside.  The artistic side of me was screaming to be heard.  I was the kid that was always into my hair, cutting and colouring it myself.  I was the one cutting my friends hair, after all I’d seen my mom do it!  9Yes, I am a second generation hair dresser.)

Enrolling in hair dressing school I was uneasy, I was unsure, and had a lot against me.  I had just lost my father to an 8 year battle with leukemia, and had acted out and left home, I was living couch to couch and at some points homeless, but I kept going to school because I felt sure hair dressing was my way out, a way to a steady job.  At that time that’s all it was to me.

Then came the Wella young protégé competition at our school where I created an ice queen on a live model ice white blond with purple accents, and in that moment, that singular moment I was hooked!  I realized this was not a way out of something, but a way into something great.  I won that competition that year and won back my self-esteem.  I also feel after years of fumbling I won my Father’s respect from Heaven.

So when asked why I do hair, my response is I don’t do hair.  I create art,  I create happiness, I create self-esteem.  I create love of one’s self and I honestly hope that my clients feel each and every hair on their head has been touched by all of those things . I hope in the time they spend with me they know that I care deeply about them and their self esteem

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